Jornada por las abejas nativas

Jornada por las abejas nativas

Oaxaca, Mexico, 2015

I´ve been leading the CEDIANA (Center of Divulgation of the Native Bees, in Oaxaca) since 2015.

I gathered a group of artists, musicians, agricultures, beekeepers, biologists and educators to organize a Native Bees Journey for the opening of the Center.

Some of the installations of my previous catalogue were set up beside of the artworks of the artists Aline Hunziker, Irene Dubrovsky and Sabino Guisu.

One of the highlights of the art offer was the Native Bees - Foto - Exhibition of Diana Caballero Alvarado.

Part of the activities of the journey were talks and workshops given by INANA, the first education center for the stingless bees in Mexico, by the biologist Noemi Arnold, the coffee producer Emilio López and the naturopath Dana Kraft among others.

Our closest allies for that journey were the video artist Gerardo Audiffred, the musicians Emilio López Carlton, Aldo Porta and Anisha Aiyappa and the storytellers Alejandro Beltrán and Alberto Valenzuela.

The journey started with a ceremony lead by the healer Dora María Cuevas and ended with an improvised Fandango.


SPECIAL THANKS to Jesús Torres, Director of La Calera, the old limestone factory that hosts the CEDIANA in Oaxaca

GLASS BLOWN ART WORK by Christian Thornton

ART WORKS by Hunziker, Dubrovsky, Guisu and Caballero are credited with a © on the picture

PICTURES by Daniel Molina and Mauricio Cervantes