Matria Jardín Arterapéutico

Oaxaca, Mexico, 2013

Matria Art-Therapy Garden
Art strategies about subjects on education, community and environmental issues.

Matria Jardín Terapéutico is an initiative that involves talents and expertise of collaborators coming from different fields: the art world, farming, ecology, education, biology, bee keeping, reforestation, cuisine, music, yoga, health and nutrition.

I am founder and head of the project since 2012.

The first program of activities was framed within an urban garden in an abandoned house in the city of Oaxaca.

The original statement was the result of a think-tank that included the anthropologist Patricia Tovar, the art curator Pablo J. Rico, the communicator Daniel Molina, the gardener Megan Glore and me.

We worked together with 20 artists coming from different latitudes.

My personal artwork of 2013 for the urban garden is to be found under the tab «Site specific works» in the current webpage.


The artwork of some of them is to be found in the current webpage:

Joel Gómez

Christian Thornton

Guillermo Olguín

María García Ibañez

La Piztola

Gandalf Gavan

Luis Carrera Maul

Mónica Iturribarría

Sati Zech


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